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A record year for UCAT

UCAT results for 2019 have now been released showing that this has been a record year, with more candidates than ever before taking the test. 

Over the summer months a total of 29,375 candidates sat the test, an increase of 18% from last year.  We also issued a record number of UCAT Bursaries in 2019, contributing the full test fee for those candidates in financial need.

The mean average total score this year is 2483, which is in line with mean scores for previous years.  SJT results are also similar to previous years, with 17% of candidates achieving a Band 1 this year. 

Final results will be data matched with UCAS and candidates' scores will be sent to our Consortium Universities at the beginning of November.

We wish all our 2019 candidates the best of luck with their applications to medical and dental school.