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New Decision Making Sub-test for 2016

A new Decision Making sub-test will be piloted this year, replacing the previous Decision Analysis sub-test which was felt to not be sufficiently reliable in discriminating between candidates.  This change will ensure the test is more robust, focusing on the test constructs of Problem Solving, Dealing with Uncertainty and Managing Risks.  It explores these through the test constructs of deductive reasoning, evaluating arguments and statistical & figural reasoning. 

As this is a pilot year, the scores for this sub-test will not be reported in the overall candidate scores.  The total cognitive scaled score will be the sum of three sections (VR/QR/AR), ranging from 900 to 2700, instead of 1200 to 3600. 

This means that in 2016 only, candidates and universities will receive a total cognitive scaled score for the sum of three remaining cognitive sections (Verbal Reasoning / Quantitative Reasoning / Abstract Reasoning), ranging from 900 to 2700, instead of 1200 to 3600.  This is in addition to separate score for the Situational Judgement Test.

Consortium universities need to review their entry requirements to clearly communicate to their applicants any changes to entry thresholds.

UKCAT will communicate these changes to candidates through their website and throughout the 2016 process.

This change will only affect results for 2016 candidates (2017 entry), as from the following year, once the pilot has been successfully completed, the score for this sub-test will be reinstated.