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Review of 2022 test cycle

2022 was another successful year for the Consortium, with a total of 36,374 candidates sitting the test. This was slightly down on the record number of candidates in 2021 (37,230) but still significantly higher than the number of test takers pre-pandemic (2019 - 29,375). 

As always, September proved to be the busiest month for testing, although a shift was seen with an increased number of testers opting to sit in August this year, which is a positive step in terms of our preparation advice to candidates. 

2022 also saw a number of new Consortium members using the test. Brunel University London, University of Chester and University of Surrey all required their applicants to sit the test this year. 

The mean average total score for 2022 was 2500, in line with mean scores for previous years.  

UCAT continues to provide a comprehensive range of Access Arrangements and accommodations to our test-takers. Access Arrangements allow candidates with special educational needs, disabilities, or temporary injuries to access the UCAT without changing the demands of the test. Over 2,600 candidates had access arrangements approved to support them in sitting the test in 2022.  We also issued around 5000 UCAT Bursaries, covering the full test fee for those candidates in financial need (approx. 16% of all UK test takers). 

Our candidates continue to benefit from a comprehensive range of preparation materials and resources freely available on our website. We will be reviewing this offering in advance of 2023 testing.  

Additionally, the test was also successfully delivered by our partners, the UCAT ANZ Consortium, to their member universities in Australia and New Zealand, with 13,909 candidates sitting the UCAT ANZ test and the average mean score of 2543 for these candidates falling close to that of the UK candidate pool. 

We  wish all our 2022 candidates the best of luck with their applications to medical and dental school.