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UCAT 2020 Update 22 June

  • Registration for the UCAT opens on 1 July.
  • Candidate Testing Guides now available.
  • Candidates can test at a test centre or at home.
  • Candidates are strongly advised to test early.
  • Candidates testing at home may use an erasable whiteboard whilst testing; in test centres candidates will have access to noteboards and pens. All candidates may also make use of the onscreen scratchpad. 

Over the past few weeks we have worked closely with our Consortium Universities and our business partner, Pearson VUE, as we work towards opening registration and test booking on the 1st July.

Testing Location

We have a dual model for delivery in 2020.  It will be possible to take the test at a Pearson VUE Test Centre (as in the past) or at home using online proctoring (UCAT Online).  We are pleased to announce that we have developed separate candidate guides for those testing in test centres and those testing in home, reflecting some of the different processes you may have to follow. The test itself will be identical wherever you take it.

In those guides we advise you to think carefully about where you think you will perform your best.  Some candidates may have a preference for a more relaxed testing environment and choose to test at home.  However, you are probably used to being assessed in more formal environments and perhaps prefer to test in a test centre.

We strongly advise you to test early - the ongoing impact of COVID 19 is difficult to predict but there is a potential of additional local or national restrictions in the future.  If these occur, we may have to reschedule candidates to less convenient times and locations and/or advise candidates to test at home.  The best way of avoiding this is to test early.  Additionally, for candidates still at school, it makes sense to have completed your test over the summer and be ready to focus on schoolwork when schools return in the autumn.

Note taking

We understand that candidates have been concerned regarding how they can make notes during testing.  We have been working with our business partner, Pearson VUE to develop a solution for candidates.  We are sorry that this response has taken some time but it has required significant discussion.  We need a solution that protects the integrity of our test, provides the security you expect and at the same time provides you with adequate tools to test well.

We can now confirm that if you test at home you will be able to use an erasable whiteboard during testing.  In test centres you will (as previously) have access to a set of noteboards (whiteboards) and pens.  All candidates will also have access to an on-screen scratchpad which is built into our preparations materials.

Details regarding these options are included in our Testing Guides

Information and advice on taking the UCAT, including preparation materials, are available on our website and you can now begin to prepare for your test.

Your wellbeing continues to be at the forefront of our decisions.  We are working with Pearson VUE to ensure we follow current government requirements and guidance to safeguard our candidates around the world.

As we have stated before, we understand this is a challenging time for our candidates both personally and educationally. We are here to support you through the process of testing in 2020. Most questions should be answered in the Candidate Guides or on our updated FAQs page, but please do not hesitate to contact us or ask us a question via our social media channels.

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