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UK Medical Applicant Cohort Study (UKMACS)

The UK Medical Applicant Cohort Study (UKMACS) is an academic research study led by Dr Katherine Woolf at the University College London (UCL) Medical School.

The study (funded by a National Institute for Health Research Career Development Fellowship) states its aim as “to make sure the NHS benefits from getting the best doctors”. It will do that by providing evidence about how to help applicants from all backgrounds apply to medical school.

Prospective medical students can take part in the study, which opens on 1st May 2019, and help the research team to gain further insights into this critical part of the journey to becoming a doctor in the UK.

We are supporting this study by helping to bring it to the attention of potential medical school applicants who are registering to sit the UCAT this year.  In 2019 when candidates register for the test, they will be informed of the study and given the option to say if they would like to take part.

The UCAT consortium has a long history of conducting and sponsoring research in the field of medical and dental admissions, and was a founder member of UKMED (the UK Medical Education Database), who, alongside the Medical Schools Council Selection Alliance, also support this new study by UKMACS.  The UKMACS questionnaire will be linked into UKMED to enable academic researchers to find out how to ensure the NHS benefits from the best doctors.

Further information on the UKMACS academic research study can be found below: