The Situational Judgement Test for Admission to Clinical Education (SJTace) is an admissions test used for entry to the Scottish Graduate Entry Medical Programme (ScotGEM).

SJTace Results

When candidates leave the test centre they are given a copy of their SJTace Score Report.  

If you need any additional copies of your SJTace score report, these will be available for a fee of £25 GBP. You can order additional copies of your score report by contacting Pearson VUE Customer Services.

Results are valid for the 2018 UCAS Admissions cycle (for entry into medical or dental school in 2019 or deferred entry to 2020).

Your UCAS Personal ID

Please ensure you have logged into your Pearson VUE account and told us your UCAS PID by Friday 19 October 2018.  

This is a 10 digit number you will get when you register with UCAS ‘Apply’.  It can be found at the top of your UCAS ‘Welcome email’.  It is the PID you use to login to ‘Track’.  Do not enter any spaces or dashes.

Important information for re-applicants or graduate applicants

If you have applied through UCAS in any previous application cycle, the PID we need is the original number you were given when you made your first application.  If you are a re-applicant or graduate applicant the PID associated with your 2018 application up to the time of submission will be a temporary one.  Once the application is submitted UCAS will revert you back to your original PID.  Please ensure you give us the correct PID shown at the top of the ‘Welcome email’ which UCAS will send you to confirm receipt of your application.  If you give us the temporary PID it may delay delivery of your results.

Delivering SJTace results to Universities

We communicate your SJTace result directly to your chosen University once testing has ended. You do not need to pass your test result to your University yourself.  ScotGEM applicants who have sat the 2018 UKCAT will have their results (which includes an SJT banding) communicated to all their university choices.

For clarity, we do not and cannot pass your result onto any Universities outside the Consortium. If you choose to do so, please remember that they would not know how to judge an SJTace result since they would not have the results of other candidates with which to compare it.

You will have your test result before the UCAS deadline so please ensure you use this to help inform your UCAS choices, otherwise you might be wasting an application.  The Universities of St Andrews and Dundee publish information on their websites regarding how they use the test in admissions.