UCAT Eligibility

Do I need to sit the UCAT?

The UCAT is a compulsory entry requirement for applicants to relevant medical or dental degree courses at our UK and International Consortium Universities

Applicants are required to sit the UCAT (between 10 July and 28 September) if they are intending to apply for entry in 2024 (or deferred entry in 2025).

Applicants should check the entry requirements for each course with the relevant university before booking a test.  Alternative entry requirements apply to some groups of applicants. 

There are no general exemptions from the test. 

Applicants to Australian or New Zealand universities should refer to the information on the UCAT ANZ (below).

International Applicants

Consortium Universities expect international applicants to take the test, which could mean travelling to another country.

The UCAT is delivered in Pearson VUE test centres in 130+ countries worldwide.

Find your nearest test centre: Pearson VUE Test Centre Locator

If travel to a test centre is difficult because of distance, pandemic, war, civil unrest or natural disaster, please refer to the information on OnVUE online proctored testing before booking your test.

Can I sit the UCAT more than once?

Candidates may only test once in any test cycle. Instances of multiple testing in the same year will be treated as misconduct and all results will be withdrawn.

There is no penalty for taking the test again in subsequent years. 

Can I sit the UCAT as a ‘practice run’ a year before my actual test? 

Candidates should not sit the UCAT early as a ‘practice run’ for the following reasons:

  • Candidates must prepare properly before sitting the test; it is better to focus these efforts in the year of actual testing.
  • The motivation and mindset for a candidate taking the test as a practice run would be completely different, making performance unrepresentative.
  • Test content and scoring can change each year, so a practice run before sitting the actual test would not be helpful.
  • You would be taking up a valuable test slot for a candidate that needs to test this year.

UCAT analyses registration data and may act if it appears a candidate is sitting the test as a ‘practice run’.

Do I need to sit the UCAT or the UCAT ANZ?

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT ANZ) is used by a consortium of universities in Australia and New Zealand for their medical, dental and clinical science degree programmes.

The UCAT ANZ is identical in format and content to the UCAT.

Candidates intending to apply to Australian/New Zealand consortium universities and UK and International consortium universities (for 2024 entry) should sit the UCAT ANZ for the following reasons:  

  • Australian and New Zealand admissions deadlines are earlier than in the UK.
  • Australian/New Zealand universities only accept UCAT ANZ results. 

Visit the UCAT ANZ website for more information.

Candidates should check the entry requirements for each course with the relevant university before booking a test.  Alternative entry requirements apply to certain applicants to UCAT ANZ Universities.

Can I sit both the UCAT and the UCAT ANZ?

Candidates are not permitted to sit both the UCAT and UCAT ANZ in the same year under any circumstances. This is considered candidate misconduct and all results may be withdrawn.

How are UCAT ANZ results delivered to UK Universities?

Candidates must complete an online form so the UCAT Office can deliver their UCAT ANZ result to their chosen UK universities.

Please refer to the UCAT ANZ Results Collection page for further details.

Which test do I sit if I am applying to Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine at Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)?

Candidates applying to LKC School of Medicine (for 2024 entry) should sit the UCAT 2023 unless they are also applying to Australian / New Zealand universities (for 2024 entry) in which case they should sit the UCAT ANZ 2023.

Visit the UCAT ANZ website for more information.

Individuals not eligible to sit UCAT

Individuals with an affiliation with a UCAT coaching business, for example, in their capacity as a tutor, or as an content developer, or having some financial interest in a UCAT coaching business are not eligible to sit the UCAT.

Checks may be made to identify and cancel tests booked by ineligible candidates.