UCAT has a responsibility to candidates and other stakeholders to ensure the integrity of the test. To do this, we have put in place robust measures to identify and deal with candidate misconduct.

The Misconduct Policy details procedures to be followed when dealing with candidate misconduct and informs candidates of the consequences of such actions.

Candidates are expected to meet minimum standards of acceptable behaviour during testing and any interactions with the UCAT Consortium, UCAT Office and Pearson VUE staff.  Please familiarise yourself with the information on our Test Day page before your test.

The Misconduct Policy deals with cases of suspected misconduct and other unacceptable behaviour.  This includes any action which gives or aims to give unfair advantage to a candidate or causes disadvantage to other candidates. Such conduct may give rise to unfair or inaccurate results.

Read the UCAT Misconduct Policy.



What counts as misconduct?

How are misconduct cases investigated?

What sanctions may be applied in cases of misconduct?