UCAT ANZ Results Collection

This information is for UCAT ANZ candidates applying to UK or International Consortium Universities.

UCAT ANZ 2023 results are valid for entry to medical or dental schools at UK universities in 2024 (or deferred entry to 2025).  UCAT ANZ 2023 results are also valid for entry to international universities.

UCAT ANZ candidates who wish to use their UCAT ANZ result to apply to UK or international universities should complete the form below by 25 October.

You will need:

  • Your UCAT ANZ ID number (in the format ANZ12345678)
  • Your UCAS Personal ID (if applying to UK universities) - this is the 10-digit number from your UCAS application.

If you are not applying to any UK universities enter ‘0000000000’ (10 zeros) in the UCAS PID field.

SJT Scores and Percentiles

When your UCAT ANZ result is delivered to a UK or international university your Situational Judgement Test (SJT) scaled score is converted to a band:

Band UCAT ANZ scale score range Band Description
Band 1 656 - 900 Those in Band 1 demonstrated an excellent level of performance, showing similar judgement in most cases to the panel of experts.
Band 2 593 - 655 Those in Band 2 demonstrated a good, solid level of performance, showing appropriate judgement frequently, with many responses matching model answers.
Band 3 495 - 592 Those in Band 3 demonstrated a modest level of performance, with appropriate judgement shown for some questions and substantial differences from ideal responses for others.
Band 4 300 - 494 The performance of those in Band 4 was low, with judgement tending to differ substantially from ideal responses in many cases.

Your total scaled score (the sum of the scale scores of Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning) is given a percentile based on UCAT candidate performance in 2023.

UCAT ANZ candidates can look up their total score percentile from 18:00 (BST) on 3 October on this page: UCAT Test Statistics 

UCAT ANZ Results Collection Form 

The form will be available from 2 October.

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