UCAT Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and Booking

Why won’t the Pearson VUE system let me register and create a web account?

I have forgotten my username and/or password

My registration email has not arrived

Can I change my UCAT Online booking to a test centre delivery or vice versa?

Practice Materials

I’ve been told I should pay for a coaching course in order to do well in the UCAT, is this true?

The UCAT Offcial App won't display questions correctly

Test Day

My UCAT Online test has not started yet - what should I do?

I encountered an issue / incident during my test


How do I get a copy of my score report?

Why are results not displaying properly on my online score report?

How do I know my ranking?


What is the UCAT ANZ and do I need to sit this test?

What if I want to apply to universities in Australia / New Zealand and in the UK?

Can I sit both the UCAT and UCAT ANZ?