UCAT Photo ID Policy

You must bring photographic identification from the list below to your test. It must be accepted in the country where you are testing.

You will not be allowed to test and you will lose your test fee if you do not have the correct photo ID.

Permitted Photo ID

Permitted ID:

Accepted for use:

PASSPORT at ANY test centre
PHOTO-CARD DRIVER'S LICENCE (full or provisional) at test centres in the country of issue
EU IDENTITY CARD or IRISH PASSPORT CARD (information on the card must be presented in Roman script as well as the original character set) at test centres in the EU (no longer accepted in UK).
GOVERNMENT-ISSUED IDENTITY CARD FROM A NON-EU COUNTRY (information on the card can be presented in Roman script or local language) at test centres in the country of issue

Exceptions apply - please check below.

Permitted forms of ID must:

  • be government-issued
  • be original (not a photocopy or digital ID).
  • be unexpired
  • include your name which exactly matches the name registered in your UCAT account (and appears in your appointment confirmation email). If it does not match, please refer to the FAQ section below before contacting us.
  • include a photograph which must be a true likeness

ID that does not include your visible signature, will ONLY be accepted if presented together with an unexpired bank or credit card that has your printed name and visible signature. This also applies in the case of child passports signed by a parent.

The following are NOT accepted under any circumstance:

  • Transport passes
  • Library cards
  • Student/employer ID cards
  • Proof of age cards (e.g. CitizenCard, Post Office PASS card, Young Scots Card)
  • Aadhaar Cards

If you are not sure whether your ID is acceptable, please email Pearson VUE Customer Services at least 10 working days before your appointment for advice. Please upload a photo of your ID with your enquiry.

Alternative ID for candidates testing in a UK Test Centre

If you are taking the test in the UK and cannot present one of the permitted forms of ID above, there is a fall back solution for some candidates. Please refer to this guidance on UK alternative ID

Candidates who cannot meet the Test Centre Photo ID Policy

If you cannot obtain a permitted form of ID, please refer to the FAQs below.


ID Policy FAQs

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