You will receive a copy of your UCAT score report before you leave the Pearson VUE test centre.  

Your score report will also be accessible online through your Pearson VUE account.  You should allow approximately 24 hours after your test for this to be uploaded.  It can be printed from your browser or saved as a PDF.  Results will not display properly if you use Internet Explorer as your browser.   

2021 results are only valid for the 2022 UCAS Admissions cycle (for entry into medical or dental school in 2022 or deferred entry to 2023). 

You will have your test result before the UCAS deadline so please ensure you use this to help inform your UCAS choices, otherwise you might be wasting an application.  You can find information on how universities use the UCAT here

Delivering UCAT Results to Universities

UCAT Results are communicated directly to your chosen universities in early November 2021.  Universities should only accept results provided directly by the UCAT Office.

You do not need to tell UCAT your UCAS PID or application choices.  Nor do you need to tell UCAS or your university application choices your UCAT result.

After the UCAS application deadline has passed, UCAT and UCAS undertake a data matching exercise in order to obtain your application choices that require a UCAT result.  

On occasion the data candidates register with UCAT is not identical to their UCAS application data meaning we are unable to obtain their university choices.  However, all UCAT Universities have access to a database which contains all candidate results.  If you are contacted by your university provide them with your candidate ID (in the format UKCAT + 6 digits) and they will be able to find your result and process your application.

UCAT results cannot be passed to any universities outside the Consortium. 

If you wish to include your UCAT result on your UCAS application you may do so within the 'Education' section of the form.