Fitness to Test


UCAT has a Fitness to Test Policy to ensure that candidates who sit their test are fit to do so and that their result should stand.

UCAT places the responsibility on candidates to decide whether they are fit to test.

Candidates have the flexibility to test over a period of 12 weeks. UCAT also permits free reschedules up to 24 hours before an appointment time. A period of contingency testing also takes place once the main testing window has closed.

The fitness to test policy is clearly communicated to candidates in their appointment confirmation email, at key points through the website and in the test rules (which are read before entering the test room) and introductory exam screens.

On occasion, candidates may make a case to UCAT that they will not be fit to test for a period of time or were not fit to test when they sat their test. This page outlines how we consider various circumstances and the advice and possible outcomes for these situations.


  • Candidates who attend their test are declaring that they are fit to test. 
  • Candidates aware of anything that might affect their performance on the day, should not sit the test. This applies even if they fall ill or experience issues on the day of their test.
  • If a candidate is not fit to test, they must reschedule their appointment to a later date. This advice applies even if they have missed the deadline to reschedule and as a result would have to pay another test fee to book again.  Candidates who choose to book a late test date and encounter minor illness/injury or minor personal circumstances which prevent them from attending their test appointment may not be able to rebook within the test window.
  • Candidates with moderate to severe illness/injury (usually requiring medical treatment and absence from school/work) which they are unlikely to recover from before testing ends, must contact the UCAT Office for advice before sitting their test. Refer to the FAQs below before doing so.
  • Candidates experiencing major illness/injury or significant personal circumstances that affect their ability to declare themselves ‘fit to test’ for the duration of the testing window, must contact the UCAT Office for advice before sitting their test. Refer to the FAQs below before doing so.
  • If a candidate chooses to sit their test against this advice, UCAT will not normally take any action. 
  • On occasion, UCAT may allow a candidate to withdraw a fitness to test declaration after testing if they experienced exceptional circumstances close to their test date where their judgement was impaired, and they were unable to make a rational decision about whether they were well enough to test. Refer to the FAQs below.

Read the UCAT Fitness to Test Policy.



What should I do if I am not fit to test due to minor illness/injury or minor personal circumstances?

What should I do if I am not fit to test due to significant illness/injury or significant personal circumstances?

What should I do if I have sat my test but was not fit to test due to exceptional personal or medical circumstances?