Preparation Advice and Resources

Preparation materials for the 2022 UCAT will be published in Spring 2022.

We advise you to prepare for the UCAT using the free official practice materials which have been developed by the UCAT Consortium.  We believe that all everyone should have access to free preparation materials to support their test preparation.  The resources and advice below have been produced by ourselves using feedback from previous high-scoring candidates.

We recommend you start by viewing the preparation tools on this page before moving onto the Question Banks and Practice Tests. 

UCAT Preparation Plan

You can begin by looking at the UCAT Preparation Plan video above which provides a suggested approach and timetable for preparing for your test. 

This Preparation Plan is also available to download and print.

Tour Tutorial

This tutorial illustrates all the functions used in our computer-based test including how to answer questions, call the calculator, move from screen to screen, and also how to utilise the flag and review function.


Question Tutorial

These tutorials include general advice on how to approach the test as well as giving an overview of each of the different subtests within the UCAT.

Each in-depth tutorial includes tips and strategies on how to approach and answer each of the different question types within all five subtests.


Test Tools

Please read about the Test Tools available to all candidates before you go any further with your preparation.  These relate to important test features such as the onscreen calculator, keyboard shortcuts and note taking. You should be familiar with this information before sitting your test, as these can save you valuable time on your test day.


Candidate Advice

You can read helpful advice from past test-takers on our Candidate Advice page where some of our highest-scoring candidates from previous years share their tips on how they prepared for the test.


UCAT Videos

The official UCAT YouTube channel has a number of videos to support your preparation. You can find information from the UCAT Team, hear from high-scoring, former candidates on their preparations for the test, plus a selection of University Admissions Tutors share their thoughts on the use of the test.


Resources for Teachers and Advisors

Schools and colleges can use our UCAT 2021 Presentation for advising prospective candidates about the 2021 UCAT or for running a UCAT overview session at their own institution.  This can be downloaded as a PowerPoint slideshow for you to deliver, or is also available as a video with voiceover. 



Commercial Preparation Materials

Candidates should be aware that whilst there are many commercial companies publishing books and offering coaching for our tests, the UCAT Consortium does not work with any of these companies or endorse the use of their materials. Taking advantage of these opportunities can cost candidates a great deal of money and we would advise you to be sceptical about claims they can help you do well in the test by coaching. 

Commercial organisations will be using questions that are not necessarily of the standard you will encounter in the UCAT and this may distort your performance whilst practising. Screen views may be different and commercial organisations are unlikely to include the new question types, which you may encounter in your test. They may also not replicate the UCAT scoring and banding accurately and may give misleading indicators of your anticipated UCAT score. 

There is also lots of advice available for free on the web regarding approaches to the test and many sources of free practice questions. However, unless the material has been published very recently it is unlikely to include the correct test content, test questions, etc. 

We therefore strongly advise candidates to use the official practice materials on our website, and to be cautious about using resources from any commercial providers, as these are not affiliated with UCAT in any way.