Access Arrangements Application Form

The deadline to apply for access arrangements for the 2021 UCAT was 12 noon (BST) on 22 September.

We will endeavour to review and process applications for access arrangements received after this deadline but candidates should be aware that although booking is open until 12 noon on 28 September, the availability of test slots will be extremely limited in these last days of testing. Customer Services may not be able to find you a convenient appointment and you may have to travel some distance to an available test centre. Although we may be able to authorise some accommodations (e.g. extra time, separate room) they may no longer be available to book.

The deadline to make a late application with correct supporting evidence is 12 noon (BST) on Friday 24 September.  Applications received after this deadline will not be processed.

Please complete the application form below and provide the correct supporting evidence.  Applications without evidence will be rejected.

You must be registered and know your candidate ID (in the format UKCAT + 6 digits). 

Providing incorrect evidence will delay your application.  Please note the evidence requirements below:

If you are CURRENTLY IN EDUCATION (or have been WITHIN THE LAST 2 YEARS), we require a recent, signed letter on headed paper from your school/college or university, which should (as appropriate):

  • Explicitly state the amount of extra time you are entitled to in public exams (e.g. 25%).
  • Explicitly state the amount of time for any rest breaks.
  • Explicitly state you need to test in an individual room.
  • Explicitly state any other accommodations you are entitled to in public examinations.
  • Confirm on what basis this entitlement has been agreed, for example a diagnosis from a qualified medical practitioner or an assessment by an educational psychologist / specialist teacher

In place of a letter a copy of an approved ‘JCQ Form 8 Application for Access Arrangements’ (all pages) that has been completed and signed by the Head of Centre/SENco and Assessor would be acceptable. 

If you have been out of education for MORE THAN 2 YEARS and cannot provide the evidence detailed above, we may accept ONE of the following:

  • A full, post-16 diagnostic assessment report of specific learning difficulties from a specialist teacher assessor or educational psychologist. It must explicitly recommend a specific amount of extra exam time (e.g. 25%) and/or other accommodations in public examinations.
  • A recent letter (dated 2021) from a GP or specialist (e.g. a consultant, psychologist or psychiatrist) which:
    • includes a clear outline of your disability, illness or condition.
    • explicitly recommends a specific amount of extra exam time (e.g. 25%) and/or other accommodations in public examinations.
    • makes it clear that any recommendations are based on the GP or specialist’s clinical opinion.  A letter that simply states your exam preferences or wishes would not be sufficient to approve access arrangements.

Only one application can be submitted.  If you need to make additional requests or provide more evidence please contact the UCAT Office directly.

Note: Please type your candidate ID into the form rather than copy/pasting.

Your details

Access Arrangements Required

Please indicate the access arrangements you require. Your request must reflect what you are entitled to in public exams and be supported by your evidence.

Test versions

Standard test

25% extra time

Standard test with 5 min rest breaks before each subtest

25% extra time with 5 min rest breaks before each subtest

50% extra time

Special Arrangements


Please upload scans or clear photographs of your evidence in the following file formats:  PDF, Word, JPEG and PNG.

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