Research Strategy

Since its inception the UKCAT Consortium has aspired to use data collected from candidates to enhance the test and improve admissions to medicine and dentistry in the UK. 

UKCAT is funded from applicant fees and we consider it our responsibility to utilise the data we hold to inform selection policy and process development as best we can, subject to our data protection requirements. Our policy is to make data available free or at cost to researchers where project proposals are deemed to fall within this remit.

The UKCAT research panel guides the research strategy and handles external requests for access to data. At the same time the panel considers issues raised in published research conducted within the UKCAT Consortium and beyond.

A summary of relevant published work to date can be found here.

UKCAT collects a significant amount of data regarding its candidates including demographic data, actual test data and progression data during their time at medical and dental school. UKCAT has procured the services of the University of Dundee Health Informatics Centre to store and process its data. Data is stored securely and UKCAT commits through its Data Privacy Policy to only undertake studies on fully anonymised data.

If you are undertaking research relating to the UKCAT please feel free to email us. We can put you in touch with other academics active in the field of work.