OnVUE UCAT Exam Rules

Candidates sitting the OnVUE UCAT are presented with this information at the start of their test: 

Exam Rules

  • In presenting to test you are declaring yourself fit to test. If you are not fit, you must reschedule. If you choose to test against this advice, UCAT will not accept this as a mitigating circumstance.

  • You should not move out of view of the webcam or leave the testing environment. No one else may enter the testing environment.

  • Any non-permitted personal items must be stored away from your testing space for the duration of your test.

  • You may only test once in any test cycle. Instances of multiple testing in the same cycle will be treated as misconduct and all results withdrawn.

If you are suspected of misconduct, your test will be revoked and the violation reported to Pearson VUE and the UCAT Consortium. Your test result may be invalidated, and UCAT may share the outcome of the investigation with legitimate third parties (such as UCAT Consortium universities).

Issues During Testing

This section explains what to do if you have any issues during testing. 

  • To contact the proctor, click the chat icon. The proctor may contact you over chat or by calling the phone number provided at check-in. It is advisable to keep your mobile phone in the room where you are testing, but out of arm's reach and not in your testing workspace.

  • If you find shortcut keys do not work, use your mouse or touchpad to navigate through the test.

  • If you find your keyboard keypad does not work, use your mouse or touchpad to enter calculations into the onscreen calculator.

  • If your internet connection is disrupted, the proctor will offer assistance. Note that if your connection is lost, the exam timer stops and you will resume from the moment you left the exam. If you are not able to resume testing, the proctor will stop the exam. If this occurs, please follow the proctor’s advice or onscreen instructions.

  • If you experience any other issues or distractions during your test, contact the proctor. If you do not raise the issue during your test, UCAT will not accept this as a mitigating circumstance. The proctor cannot answer questions about test content.

  • If you become ill, make contact with the proctor. If you are not well enough to continue, ask the proctor to end your test. You then need to contact the UCAT Office as soon as possible. If you choose to continue testing, UCAT will not accept this as a mitigating circumstance.