The University Clinical Aptitude Test is used in the selection process by the majority of UK University Medical and Dental Schools.

UCAT ANZ Results Collection

Australian/New Zealand applicants applying to both A/NZ and UK universities

If you are an Australian/New Zealand applicant applying to both Australian/New Zealand and UK universities (for 2021 entry) you need to sit the UCAT ANZ during July 2020.  You are required to sit this test so that your results can be delivered to your Australian/New Zealand medical school choices by their admissions deadlines, which are earlier than the UK.  The website for the UCAT ANZ test is www.ucat.edu.au

Other applicants or those applying for different entry points should always check entry requirements with the university they intend to apply to.  UCAT cannot advise a candidate on their applicant status (e.g. home or overseas).  Applicants should always seek clarification on this matter from their chosen universities. 

Please note that a UCAT (UK) result is not accepted by Australian/New Zealand universities.  Candidates are not permitted to sit both the UCAT and the UCAT ANZ in the same year.  In this event only the test result obtained at the first sitting will be valid.

Delivering UCAT ANZ Results to UK Universities

In order for your UCAT ANZ result to be delivered to your UK university choices you need to complete the form below by 18 October 2020. 

The UCAT (UK) Office will then obtain your UCAT ANZ result from the UCAT ANZ Office and communicate it to your chosen UK universities in early November.

We only require details of the UK universities which require the UCAT as part of their entry criteria.

The form will be available from 8 September (the date that completed 2021 entry UCAS applications can be submitted) until 18 October.  If you have missed this deadline please email the UCAT Office.