The University Clinical Aptitude Test is used in the selection process by the majority of UK University Medical and Dental Schools.

UCAT 2021

You are required to sit the UCAT 2021 if you are applying for entry in 2022 (or deferred entry in 2023) to a relevant course at a UK Consortium University or non-UK Associate Member University

UCAT cannot exempt candidates from taking the test.  If you have mitigating circumstances affecting your ability to take the UCAT in 2021, you should contact the UCAT Office for advice before sitting a test. 

The following dates are provisional.  We strongly advise candidates to test as early as possible.

2 June 2021 at 9am BST

Registration (web account creation) opens
Bursary Applications open
Access Arrangements Applications open

28 June 2021 at 9am BST

Test Booking opens

26 July 2021

Testing begins

22 September 2021 at 12 noon BST

Registration closes
Web booking closes
Access Arrangements application deadline

28 September 2021 at 12 noon BST

Final Booking deadline

29 September 2021

Last testing date
Bursary application deadline (4pm BST)

15 October 2021

UCAS application deadline

Early November 2021

Results delivered to universities

International Candidates

  • Consortium Universities normally expect international applicants to take the test, which could mean travelling to another country.  The UCAT is delivered in Pearson VUE test centres throughout the UK and in many international countries

  • If travel to a test centre is difficult because of distance, pandemic, war, civil unrest or natural disaster you should contact the UCAT Office for advice before booking a test.

Please follow these steps if you are sitting the test in 2021:

Step 1 Register for the UCAT 2021

Candidates can register (create a web account) between 2 June – 22 September 2021.  If you do not register by the deadline you will not be able to sit the UCAT 2021.  We do not make exceptions to this deadline. 

  • Until registration opens you will see this message "The feature that you are trying to access is blocked. Please try again later."

  • Please register for your test personally – this cannot be done by a school/college.

  • You may only create one account. If you have tested previously please use your existing account.

  • Register with your legal name exactly as it appears on the photo ID you intend to present when your test.  If there is not an exact match, you may be unable to test and lose your test fee.  Please ensure that when you register with UCAS your name is also the same, so that your results can be matched to your application. Changes to the name on your UCAT account can be made by Pearson VUE Customer Services after seeing supporting ID.

  • During registration you will need to provide the information requested in this questionnaire

  • Once you have created your account, a registration email should arrive within 24 hours. This will contain a password that will allow you to login to your Pearson VUE account to book your test after 28 June.  If this email has not arrived after 36 hours (and is not in your junk/spam folder) please contact Pearson VUE Customer Services.  


Step 2 Apply for a Bursary or Access Arrangements (if applicable)

  • UK candidates in financial need can apply for a UCAT Bursary to cover the full test fee.  Once your Bursary Application is approved you will be given a voucher code to use when booking your test.

  • Candidates with special educational needs, disabilities or medical conditions who require Access Arrangements to sit the test must apply and be approved for these before booking their test.

Step 3 Booking the UCAT

Once booking opens on 28 June you may book your test either through your web account or by calling Pearson VUE Customer Services.  Once you have scheduled your test, you will be sent a confirmation email that includes important details about your appointment.  Please keep this email safe. 

Please note:

  • It is your responsibility to book the correct version of the test. You should book the standard UCAT unless you are eligible for extra time in public exams.  You must apply for approval to sit the UCATSEN, UCATSA, UCATSENSA or UCATSEN50 before you book a test. 

  • You may only take the test once in any test cycle.  Any instances of multiple testing in the same year may result in your results being revoked. 

The test fee is payable at the time of booking by major credit card or UCAT bursary voucher. 

  • Tests taken in the UK: £75
  • Tests taken outside the UK: £120

Registration and web booking closes at 12 noon BST on 22 September; we expect all candidates to have booked their test by this date.  

After web booking closes registered candidates may phone Pearson VUE Customer Services (+44 (0)208 616 5106 to book, cancel or reschedule a test up to the booking deadline (28 September).  The availability of appointments will be extremely limited in the last weeks of testing and it is possible that Customer Services will not be able to find a convenient appointment.  It is not possible to book a test by email.


Step 4 Test Day

  • Familiarise yourself with the photo ID policy.
  • Read our exam rules.
  • Find out what to expect at a Test Centre.

Step 5 Test Preparation

Step 6 Results

  • Find out how you and your university choices receive your results
  • Find out how your University uses your result.