UCAT Essentials - What do I need to know?

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is an admissions test, used by a consortium of UK and partner Universities to help select applicants to their medical and dental degree programmes.

The test is used alongside other selection criteria such as your academic qualifications and interviews.

The UCAT is a computer-based test, delivered in Pearson VUE test centres throughout the UK and worldwide.

This 2024 step-by-step is designed to guide you through all the essential steps in completing your UCAT journey.

Check your eligibility

Register and book

  • Create a UCAT account between 14 May and 12 noon (BST) on 19 September 2024.
  • If applicable, submit an application for Access Arrangements.  These require approval before you can book a test.
  • If eligible, apply for a UCAT Bursary.  Do this before booking so that you can use your bursary voucher code to pay for your test.
  • Book your test from 18 June 2024.  Book as early as possible and avoid booking a late test date.  Booking closes at 12 noon (BST) on 19 September.

Prepare for your test

Check what to expect on Test Day

Sit your test

  • Check the location of your test centre and allow plenty of time for arrival.
  • Take the correct photo ID with you to the test centre.
  • Report any problems during your test to the test centre immediately.  Obtain an incident number and consult the Test Incident page for next steps.

Receive your results

  • UCAT results are issued on the day of your test (or shortly after if testing online).
  • We publish preliminary candidate scores in mid-September and final scores after testing ends so you can see how your result relates to overall candidate performance. Mean scores from previous test cycles are available on the Test Statistics page.

Apply to university

  • Make an informed decision about where to apply by checking the information on university websites to see how they use UCAT in their selection process.
  • The UCAS application deadline for medicine and dentistry is 15 October 2024.  Other courses and UCAT partner universities may have different deadlines.
  • UCAT will deliver your result directly to your chosen UK universities in early November.