Candidates with Diabetes

Candidates with diabetes may need access arrangements to manage their condition during their test.

What access arrangements are available?

The following access arrangements are available if you have diabetes:

  • Pause-the-clock rest breaks.
  • Taking food or drink into the test room.
  • Taking a blood sugar monitor and insulin treatment into the test room.

What access arrangements do not require approval?

Items on the Pearson VUE Comfort Aid List such as glucose tablets or an inaudible continuous glucose monitor/insulin pump (attached to your body), are allowed into the test room after visual inspection and do not require prior approval.

What access arrangements require approval?

You must apply for approval to have the following access arrangements before you book your test:

  • Pause-the-clock rest breaks - if you require rest breaks you may apply to sit the UCATSA, which has the standard UCAT test timings, with 20 minutes available for pause-the-clock breaks.
  • *Food in a small transparent plastic bag or *Drinks (including water) in a transparent, spill-proof bottle with a spout.
  • *Blood sugar monitor and *Insulin treatment – this refers to items not on the comfort aid list.
  • *Mobile phone as a diabetes-monitoring device – must not contain a SIM card (i.e. no access to a mobile network) and this must be demonstrated to test centre staff.
  • *Medical devices that make noise.

*These arrangements require a separate room which is subject to test centre availability.

How do I apply for access arrangements that require approval?

Details of how to apply for access arrangements can be found here:  Apply for Access Arrangements 

What if I become ill during testing?

If you become ill, raise your hand to notify the invigilator. If you are not well enough to continue, ask to end your test.

You then need to contact the UCAT Office as soon as possible. If you choose to continue testing, UCAT will not normally take any action.